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The INCUCYTE™ Kinetic Imaging System:

Live Content Imaging Inside Your Incubator

The IncuCyte family of products brings together a more efficient and thorough set of solutions for long-term, live-cell imaging. This imaging method, which we call Live Content Imaging, allows you to expand the ways you document and understand cellular growth, behavior, and morphology. In addition, by design, it provides an effective kinetic read-out solution for the next generation of in vitro biological assays.
INCUBATORS AND MICROSCOPES: Like oil and water until now

The IncuCyte system allows you to place a microscope inside your incubator, taking advantage of an asset you already own as well as eliminating any potential problems that may result from disturbing cells during the observation process. This approach makes long-term kinetic imaging convenient and affordable.

Because the microscope is located inside the incubator, the system is especially well suited to long-term monitoring of cell growth. Control of the system and access to the images and data are enabled from any computer on your local network. With this remote capability and convenience, you can view real-time imaging from conference rooms, offices, or even colleagues’ labs throughout your facility or campus.
VESSEL CAPACITY: Wide variety of cell culture vessels supported

The IncuCyte supports a wide variety of standard cell culture vessels, including 96- and 384-well plates, T-flasks, dishes, and micro-slides. With three configurable trays, you can mix and match multiple vessels and even monitor different experiments running concurrently. Image location and timing of acquisition are controlled by the user, and access to the kinetic image history is supported via an image database and retrieval system.
Click here for a list of IncuCyte-supported vessels.
SOFTWARE & INTERFACE: Intuitive design, easy access

One of the best features of the IncuCyte is the intuitive design of the software interface, New features in the IncuCyte ZOOM include multi-color image processing metrics and our new phase contrast imaging processing module.  This latter feature allows users to customize phase-contrast processing parameters for measuring cell confluence and other phase objects based on your cells, your experiments, and your biology.   In addition, IncuCyte ZOOM has been enhanced with a new database architecture designed to make it simple for users to search and retrieve experimental data.
HD IMAGING: High-quality phase-contrast imaging in microplates

Historically, phase-contrast imaging in 96 and 384-well microplates has been hampered by aberrations caused by the fluid meniscus in the well. HD Imaging, a proprietary imaging format developed by Essen BioScience specifically for the IncuCyte, is insensitive to these aberrations. HD Imaging greatly enhances phase-contrast imaging in microplates enabling applications such as cell plating quality control and non-labeled proliferation studies.
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